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Roving Garden Railway will set up at local school -- Help needed

10/30/2011 8:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Imagine you’re back in third grade and you’re reading The Boxcar Children with everyone else, even the lower and upper grades.  Questions arise about the four homeless kids no one knows in the depression-era, one-horse town. Town folk assume they took the train into town. In the first chapter we find they’re hiding out because they want to stay together. Soon they find an abandoned boxcar and begin an adventure of resourcefulness and fun amid the day-to-day needs of staying warm, fed and healthy.

Then you find out that the story of The Boxcar Children is modeled on a Roving Garden Railroad and it’s coming to school after everyone has read the book!  There will be a newspaper, just like in the old days, to help you find the story on the model railroad. Best of all, real model trains run around the countryside of real little trees and a real waterfall. BAGRS member and Montara teacher, Linda Herbert, has arranged it all.

Now imagine you’re able to help set up the Roving Garden Railroad and watch the expressions on the kids faces as they figure out the scavenger hunt and try to see where the mine train goes after it’s inside the tunnel. Don’t you want to know how the story ends? Dads and moms will want to know what BAGRS is.

Yes, you are needed to help finish some scenes with figures and signs. And you are needed to help put together a two-page newspaper.  The school is in Montara, CA, just south of Pacifica and 2 miles north of Half Moon Bay airport. The date is early Friday, November 18, 2011. You’re all welcome to help with a pre set-up work party at my house. Call or email for date and time. We will accommodate if you need a weekend party. 

Nancy Norris


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