Bay Area Garden Railway Society
The Bay Area Garden Railway Society holds open house tours for members almost every month. We routinely have 5 or 6 layouts open at a time. With over 75 layouts in the club, there's always plenty to see!
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DD5.jpg DD3.jpg BAGRS2008 490.jpg SC1.JPG BAGRS2008 097.jpg BAGRS2008 090.jpg 
BAGRSoct15.jpg BAGRS2008 640.jpg BAGRSoct14.jpg  BAGRSoct13.jpg Aug07_8.jpg       Aug07_11.jpg
Aug07_12.jpg Aug07_2.jpg Aug07_6.jpg Aug07_14.jpg July4.JPG        BAGRS2008 116.jpg
July07_14.jpg July07_9.jpg July07_10.jpg July5.JPG July07_16.jpg        BAGRS2008 631.jpg
BAGRS2008 120.jpg BAGRS2008 720.jpg BAGRS2008 065.jpg  BAGRS2008 167.jpg BAGRS2008 276.jpg        BAGRS2008 571.jpg

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